DATALINKED, from NM Consulting, is secure Intranet portal for use by your employees and authorised users. It's software that runs from a web browser and is stored securely on the Internet, so is available on mobiles, tablets, laptops and PC... anywhere you can get an Internet connection. It's designed specifically around your business and it's capabilities are pretty limitless.


Secure Online Access

Access data and documents easily (but securely) when out of the office or working remotely.

Leads & Customers

Leads, Opportunities, Customer Relationship or Contact Management designed for your business, rather than changing your practices to fit in with ready-made software.

Sales & Financial Reporting

Generate the reports you need in tabular or chart form and download the data with 1-click (CSV, Excel, PDF, Print).


From a simple dispatch system with delivery notes to a full Just-in-Time production (demo coming soon).

Website Content Management (WCM)

Give access rights to groups or individuals to manage content on your website (demo coming soon). Upload and crop, resize and filter images (standalone or part of a WCM).

Document Manager

Secure document and image storage in your own cloud with customisable access rights. Indexing and searching of files also available. View Screenshot (Demo coming soon)

Point of Sale Application

Sales agents with tablets or shops with tills - it works how you want it to.

Inter-Company Messaging

Instant push-notifications between employees or groups.


Prioritise what needs to be done with To-Do planning which is pushed automatically to the users who need to see it.


Whether it's 1-click driving directions to a customer or finding out where your sales agents are.

Electronic Signatures

Would it be helpful if customers, clients or recipients could sign an order, contract, GDPR opt-in, delivery - or just about anything?

DATALINKED can do that.

Save Money

Don't rent software, own it! DATALINKED can pay for itself in just a few months.

Signature Box

Signature Box

Signatures saved as SVG images


sales profile

Why rent software - own it!

  • DATALINKED is built for the way your business works, so you won't need costly "off-the-shelf" programs that you rent but may not use to its full extent.
  • With DATALINKED, you get exactly what you need because it will be designed with your company in mind - no matter how big or small. (Read our Case Study)
  • DATALINKED allows your staff to do what they're best at - and not getting bogged down by spreadsheets, different systems and trying to get all the information together for reports. A DATALINKED application lets you get the reports you want, combining all your data.
  • Or it can be a simple website administrator - showing users only the pages or sections that you want them to be able to view, edit, publish or authorise.
  • Or it can be an expansive Extranet, covering your website, social media, sales, production, marketing, accounts - the sky really is the limit!
  • Think of DATALINKED as the solution to all those long-winded tasks that your employees (or you) do repeatedly - and it makes it all easier and intuitive. You'll be surprised after you've been using it for a while that staff will start to come up with suggestions of their own. After all, who doesn't want to make their life easier?
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    Connecting Data

    The administrator chooses which user can see and interact with what sections of your application, which allows you to share data between people and departments, securely and easily. No more checking with accounts whether a customer can order £5,000 on credit - a simple green, yellow and red traffic light system will tell them all they need to know - or more information if you choose.

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    Secure Data

    All DATALINKED web applications are on secure Linux servers and it's recommended that you register a new domain name with at least base64 (ASCII) encoded SSL (i.e. secure) certificate for this purpose. Data should automatically be backed up everynight and hosting is available, if required.

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    Friendly Data

    Rather than looking at rows of spreadsheet columns, or creating a graph, a DATALINKED application can produce any report you want. If the information is in the database, then you can view it just how you want. For example, you may want to see the average payment time in days for all your clients that order over £3,000 per month. Link clients, sales and accounts simply and easily.

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    Intuitive Data

    DATALINKED will work with your business and program an application that works for you - not an off-the-shelf solution, 90% of which won't be used. DATALINKED gets to know your business & departments makes it work how you want it.
    Use it for sales, accounts, marketing... pretty much anything you want to do! It's time to use the data you already have.

Optimise your Business

With less time being spent on data entry and reporting, a DATALINKED web application could allow your business to reduce costs and allow staff to work from home, reducing company overheads.

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