What sort of things can a web application portal do?

Let your imagination run wild! But to give you a few ideas:

  • Sales & Financial Reporting - also download the data in CSV, Excel, PDF or print it out
  • Leads & Customers - Leads, opportunities, customer relationship or contact management - designed for your business, rather than changing your practices to fit in with ready-made software
  • Stock/Warehousing - From a simple despatch notes to Just-in-Time production with purchase ordering, incoming deliveries and despatch
  • Website Content Management - Datalinked websites only
  • Marketing - Record marketing projects and their results
  • Accounts - can be linked to an accounting system like SAGE or Xero, or just a simple invoicing, statement and payment system can be added.
  • Point of Sale - use an iPad/Tablet as a POS device and get it to work the way you want it to
  • Taskboards - Prioritise what needs to be done for individuals or teams
  • Electronic Signatures - Customers, clents or recipients can sign and order, contract, GDPR opt-in or delivery and the datestamped image is saved
  • Inter-company Messaging - Instant push-notifications between employees, groups or the entire company
  • Mapping - One-click driving directions through Google Maps, or find out where your sales agents are
  • Document Management - Secure document and image storage in your own cloud with customisable access rights for users. Indexing and searching of files also available.
  • and so much more...!


How much does a CRM cost?

It's the old "how long is a piece of string" question. For a simple CRM with clients and contacts, which you can add, edit, archive/delete + user management, then a basic CRM will start at around £2,000.

Do you offer web designing, maintenance and programming services?

Absolutely. From single landing pages to full websites - we can also do an SEO check and current website analysis report.

Do you offer Social Media marketing services?

The Datalinked family of front and back-end development is now also offering Social Media Marketing services. Please call us for more information and package prices.

Where are you located?

In Surrey - just south of Heathrow Airport and will travel UK-wide. Not all projects need a face-to-face meeting, although getting to know your business helps when we can meet you and your staff.


Why is Datalinked better than renting software?

Datalinked is built for the way your business works, so you won't need costly "off-the-shelf" programs that you rent but will likely not use to their full extent. Upgrades for rented software may still be expensive and the software will be updated according to the requirements of their largest clients - not their smallest.

The workflow in "off-the-shelf" programs may change or get removed and there may be costly personalisation costs to just get it up and running in the first place.

Having your own bespoke software means that upgrades happen when you what and they will do what you want them to do. You're always in the driving seat.

What makes Datalinked different?

You will get exactly what you need because it will be designed around your company or business - no matter how big or small.

How will it help me and my staff?

It will allow you and your staff to do what they're best at and not get bogged down by spreadsheets, different systems and trying to get all the information together for reports. A Datalinked application lets you view the reports you want, combining all your data.

Datalinked is the solution to all those long-winded tasks that your employees (or you) do repeatedly - and it makes it all easier and intuitive. You'll be surprised after you've been using it for a while that staff will start to come up with their own suggestions for new modules.


Can you host the CRM/web application for us?

Yes. Hosting is on SSDs (Solid State Drives - so quick) and has a 99.9% uptime rate (there will always be times when essential updates need to be installed and the server rebooted).

We recommend keeping your web application under a different domain to your primary one - this helps with security.

Sometimes it maybe necessary to use data from existing databases, which will mean the site being hosted on the same server as your current database. There are ways around this, so please call for more information.

Can you register domain names?

NMCONSULTING is an authorised Nominet registrar, so we can register all .uk (incl .co.uk, .org.uk, etc) domains.

Do you give training/have support contracts?

Depending on the complexity of the system, we can offer training for your staff, especially if you are changing the way that they will work. Both training and support contracts can be discussed when we understand your project needs.