Point of Sale DATALINKED Case Study

A growing hair product business (founded in 2016) had on-the-road sales agents who would visit hair salons and barbers. They would stock new clients and re-stock current clients from their own stock they carried and left a hand-written note of what they'd added. This would get phoned through to head office - eventually - and an invoice generated, on the Xero online accounting system.

This didn't look professional, clients couldn't always match re-stock numbers and information was being passed too slowly to the accounting system. They were also moving towards warehouse despatch, rather than concession-based, so also required a picking list & delivery note system, separate from the order system.

They had researched off-the-shelf POS systems that the agents could use with their new iPads, but between the prohibitive licensing cost and none of the programs doing exactly what they wanted, they contacted NM Consulting.

Within a month, NM Consulting had built them a working web application using DATALINKED, which included:

  • Domain name advice, registration, hosting, SSL and emails
  • Secure logins, showing only the data required - with SuperAdmin, Administrator, Sales Agent (by regions), Accounting and Warehouse login restrictions
  • Comprehensive customer database with restricted access down to regional level, linked to Google Map directions, with the ability to Add/Edit/Archive a customer
  • Comprehensive, full-screen, Point of Sale (POS) system with product photos, so that it was simple to click/add to "basket" - and with ability to apply discounts, quantities or different prices per line
  • Add/Edit and Show/Don't Show of products with image upload facility - products could be added to categories so they could be easily filtered in POS
  • Product-wide and individual agreed discounts automatically calulated on a per-customer basis
  • Ability to add any payments made when order is placed (cash, cheque, CC) so that invoice reflected payments made to agent
  • Order could immediately be emailed to client, using a professional template
  • Order automatically synced with Xero Accounting
  • Syncing of customer, groups, product, payment and invoice data with Xero Accounting
  • Invoices/Orders shown on individual customer screen - with the ability to view any order/invoice
  • Separate warehouse login with the ability to print picking lists (by order, or by product), part shipments, delivery note printing
  • Delivery status and ability to view historic delivery notes for any order available under each customer, for sales agents

DATALINKED replaced 4 different licensed products
and paid for itself in under 5 months!

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