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Would it be helpful if customers, clients or recipients could sign an order, contract, GDPR opt-in or delivery?
DATALINKED can do that.

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Why rent software - own it!

  • DATALINKED is built for the way your business works, so you won't need costly "off-the-shelf" programs that you rent but may not use to its full extent.
  • With DATALINKED, you get exactly what you need because it will be designed with your company in mind - no matter how big or small. (Read our Case Study)
  • DATALINKED allows your staff to do what they're best at - and not getting bogged down by spreadsheets, different systems and trying to get all the information together for reports. A DATALINKED application lets you get the reports you want, combining all your data.
  • Or it can be a simple website administrator - showing users only the pages or sections that you want them to be able to view, edit, publish or authorise.
  • Or it can be an expansive Extranet, covering your website, social media, sales, production, marketing, accounts - the sky really is the limit!
  • Think of DATALINKED as the solution to all those long-winded tasks that your employees (or you) do repeatedly - and it makes it all easier and intuitive. You'll be surprised after you've been using it for a while that staff will start to come up with suggestions of their own. After all, who doesn't want to make their life easier?


DATALINKED is a bespoke online web application that joins together all that information or spreadsheets you work with around your company (like Point of Sale - POS systems, warehousing, inventory, website pages, client details, sales, invoices, diaries, etc.) and puts them into an intuitive single application that can be accessed from anywhere, securely.

Ready to see it in action?

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Join the dots

DATALINKED joins together all the data you have in your company, in one online application.

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Right Info, Right People

Administrators can give access to different staff members, depending on their requirements.

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Easy to Use

Minimal training will be needed for new and current staff to use the system, as ease of use is built in.

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