What is a Web Application Portal?

Web Application Portal

A Web Application Portal - or just Web Portal - is a secure and specifically-designed website that brings together information and data from various sources in a logical and uniform way.

A Web Portal can be accessed from multiple platforms and devices through a browser, so it doesn't matter whether it's being accessed through the Safari browser on an iPhone, the Firefox browser on a Windows laptop or the Chrome browser on an Android tablet - it will all work and look the same.

You may have teams that aren't geographically in the same place - or work from home - but need the same information, to enable sign-offs, or to ensure that data entry is completed as quickly, efficiently and precisely as possible.

Web Portals can also include logins for customers, clients or business partners, so that they can upload or view specific documents; authorise work; order online; or pay for invoices, for example.

Web Portals can link your HR Department to User Accounts; link your Accounts Department to your Point of Sale app; or link your Stock Control to your Website Shop.

A Web Portal is controlled through User Logins, which are controlled by Administrators (usually HR or similar). Users will have different levels of access dependent on the needs of your business. These might include Administrators, Sales Agents, Accounts, HR, Warehouse, Purchasing, etc. Each level will log in once and be able to view and interact with all the parts of the portal that they are authorised to. In cases of dismissal or security, one-click account access disabling will immediately log users out from all platforms they are logged into.